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Thank you so much for being so prompt and professional in getting us drinkable water again. As you know the chlorine that the city has to put into the water is a major problem for me. The smell really upsets my stomach before I even have my first taste, so I was buying bottled water for the first few weeks we lived here and wow was that expensive.

You came the same day we called and you were going to ‘fix’ the old one, saying honestly, that as old as it was and having not been properly maintained, your suggestion was a new one. My husband had already figured as much, but you confirmed it.

You were never pushy or used any ‘scare tactics’ as so many water softener sales people do and I thank you for being like a good neighbor, just coming by to help out. It is no surprise that you have so many customers with a attitude of making people feel so trusting and comfortable.

It has been two years since that first day you met our family and it is exciting to see how Mr. Goodwater sales and service has grown. You have a great business ethic Butch, and people can’t help but refer others to you!

My family and I thank you for giving us such great personalized service.