Mr. Goodwater is a leader in water treatment, dedicated to servicing the residential clients in the Harvard, IL area and beyond. Our unwavering commitment to quality components and expert installation differentiates us from other water treatment companies in the area. With over 25 years of experience in water treatment, Mr. Goodwater, a family-owned business, has become a trusted name in Northern Illinois for tackling water treatment challenges, especially those involving rusty water.  

Harvard is a vibrant town with distinct characteristics. Home to over 9,000 residents, it’s celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage and the well-known Milk Day festival. The Starline Factory, a cultural landmark, adds to its charm, making Harvard a noteworthy place in Northern Illinois. This blend of rural heritage and contemporary cultural elements makes Harvard a noteworthy and distinct location in Northern Illinois.

The issue of rusty water is a well-known challenge in Harvard, IL and the surrounding areas. At Mr. Goodwater, we approach this problem with a deep understanding of the area’s specific water conditions. Instead of relying on standard, off-the-shelf systems, we design and engineer customized water treatment solutions to address the specific requirements of our customers in and around Harvard. Our approach to solving rusty water problems is characterized by our selection of superior, USA-made products and our personalized service for every project.

For residents in the Harvard area and beyond who are not yet ready to buy a new system, Mr. Goodwater provides a flexible option: renting systems that are specifically suited to your requirements. This flexibility, along with our determination to address rusty water issues, highlights our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. The Rosecke family’s long-standing expertise in water treatment, combined with our customized solutions, positions Mr. Goodwater as a preferred choice for ensuring the water in your home is as clean and safe as it should be.

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Harvard Rusty Water

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