Occasionally people will ask, ‘Why should I buy my equipment from Mr. Goodwater?’ Our answer would be, ‘We provide great service and the best built equipment at a fair price’. When we asked our current customer base the same question this is some of the responses we received. Please click the following customers name’s that have supplied testimonials to read them:

Wendell Sagendorf

great service & quick – new unit works great and uses very little salt

Randy & Sandra Stockwell

I would recommend Mr Goodwater to anyone that wants great customer service, appointments that are met to the minute, specials that are offered to their customers. We have lived in this area for 25 years now and NO ONE can compete with Mr Goodwater!!!!

Peggy & Steve Anderson

Good service and great product – Completely fixed our “smelly” water problem – No longer need to buy botteld water for cooking and drinking – Love our “Iron Buster”!!

Gary Curry

We are pleased all around with the service and prices from Mr Goodwater. They have always responded promtply to calls and we feel that they have superior equipment at fair prices. Their staff are all very pleasant and respectful to deal with. We would recommend them to anyone with needs for their service.

Brian F – Belvidere

Thanks! Mr. Goodwater for replacing my Iron Filter in a fast & timely manner. The workers were very friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job! My water is back to being awesome again thanks to Mr. Goodwater.

Judy J – Stillman Valley

The toilets have no scum or rust on them. The glass doors of my showers are not covered with scum or lime. My hair is healthy and is soft and easy to style. Laundry is whiter & cleaner with a soft water system. Thanks for your good service.

Bob B – Poplar Grove

Your company is top notch. You helped us out right after Christmas when you were supposed to be closed. We were in need of a new water softener and your crew came to our rescue! I love that it is much more efficient! And, our salt delivery man is excellent!

Carol B – Belvidere

I have already been “spreading the news” about your equipment and service to your customers. I am quite happy with everything you do! A couple of your recent “new customers” have changed to you and are very happy with you also. Please continue to treat your customers with kindness, sincerity and quick service. It does matter!

Lori O – Poplar Grove

Mr. Goodwater delivers prompt, professional service. The water in our area is very bad. I especially like the yearly maintenance Mr. Goodwater does on our system, to keep it working top notch.

Sandy A – Belvidere

Shortly after my husband passed suddenly my 40+ year old water softener started acting up. Several of my friends referred me to “Butch” owner, Mr. Goodwater. My experience was great. He assured me the “old one” was not fixable, put my mind at ease as to new equipment, installed it, and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to reset it, set the clock, etc. I call for salt, they deliver, his worker bees are cordial, patient, wipe their feet. One less think I have to worry about. Nothing but good!

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