Occasionally people will ask, ‘Why should I buy my equipment from Mr. Goodwater?’ Our answer would be, ‘We provide great service and the best built equipment at a fair price’. When we asked our current customer base the same question this is some of the responses we received. Please click the following customers name’s that have supplied testimonials to read them:

Amy B – Byron

Mr. Goodwater offers great service for a reasonable price! The drinking water system we rent provides us with delicious water and the water softener we rent provides us with soft water for all of our showering and laundry needs. Butch is concerned with providing great customer service, as are his delivery drivers and office staff. There is not one comparable in the water business!

Gary C – Belvidere

Always friendly and good quality equipment. Fast service. You guys are great!

Sandy B – Byron

We are completely satisfied with our Mr. Goodwater water softener. The unit has been maintenance free since it was installed. It is apparent based on the water quality we are enjoying that Butch recommended the correct unit for our house based on our water usage. Mr. Goodwater can be counted on for prompt and friendly service whether the need is water treatment or drinking water delivery.

Patrick F – Byron

We went from hard and awful tasting city water to “Goodwater”!

Irene C – Rockford

Our water is very bad, a lot of rust. I meant to write this right after we had our water checked again. Mr. Goodwater has been servicing us for about 11 years. They come as soon as you call. Also, we are elderly and they carry our salt into the basement. They are not a high pressure company. We recommend them highly.

Lenny H – Byron

We have had Mr. Goodwater taking care of our water treatment needs for several years. We have found them to be very responsive to our needs with very good pricing. Reliable products and good service.

Charles S – Stillman Valley

Their equipment has been in our house for 10 years. It is still working like new. We use their salt service, it is also great. Whenever we need something done special for us, it is always taken care of. Butch has always taken care of things for us.

Wendell S – Belvidere

Great system. Works great & great service from Mr. Goodwater Co!

Larry – Byron

The quality of service is excellent. The one thing that stands out is that you make everyone feel like family. My sister-in-law and daughter, also use your company.

Robyn Q – Belvidere

Since I have been a customer of Mr. Goodwater, I have been completely satisfied with their service and equipment. Mr. Goodwater has provided my family with clean, refreshing water for at least the past 10 years. If I have any concerns with my equipment, I call Mr. Goodwater and receive courtesy and quick service. I would recommend Mr. Goodwater to anyone in the need to improve their water quality.

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